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The Christian life, according to Jesus, is clearly marked by social justice. If one is not engaging in building God’s Kingdom on the earth as it is in heaven, that person is simply not living the Jesus way. Love is the chief mark of a child of God and love is always an action. Love is about sacrifice. Yes, it is important to tell people we love them and that God loves them. But even better and more powerful than that is to show them God’s love for them. To be the hands and feet of Jesus to the lonely stranger on the street.


New Report Details History of Attacks on Climate Science

Dealing in Doubt presents a brief history of climate denial and attacks on climate science over the past two decades, focusing specifically on denier campaigns against the IPCC, including current efforts by the Heartland Institute, the funding of those campaigns and the wide range of tactics and tricks used by a small handful of deniers to undermine legitimate science.

“The lasting legacy of these corporations, front groups, organizations and individuals who have threatened scientists and attacked scientific institutions like the IPCC, is a delay in reaction time and solutions to the climate crisis,” Davies concluded. “This means global warming will hit harder and cost more to fix.”

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